Catalogue settings

What is it?

Several options are available in your catalogue settings to let you amend the import method of your catalog but also to review the Lengow mapping (done during the first import of your catalogue). Last option let you activate alerts to control the imports of your catalog.

How does it work?

Find different parameters in your Settings section: 

  • mceclip0.pngImport method: This setting allows you to change the import method used to retrieve all products in the catalog.
  • mceclip1.pngFields settings: This parameter can be used to modify the Initial product attribute mapping made during the first import of your product catalog.
  • mceclip2.png Update frequency & alerts: this parameter allows you to add notifications to your catalog in order to alert you when the values of the catalog are no longer updated during the last imports. This alert will be sent to the owner and the account administrator(s) (if any).





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