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The fields "SKU" and "product_ID" must be mapped with the same product identifier in Lengow to avoid issues with order retrieval. Once set, the SKU cannot be changed.

To display your products on the marketplace, eBay defined specific products types for which one the following identifiers is mandatory:

  • EAN
  • UPC
  • ISBN
  • MPN

Brand and/or manufacturer number (MPN) may be mandatory, depending on product category. For more information, please read the dedicated eBay documentation.
MPN and Brand are mutually dependent, you cannot fill one without the other. If you don't have an MPN number for your product, you may enter "does not apply" (UK/US). If there's no brand, you may enter "Unbranded/Generic" (US/UK).

If you have some products which do not have a EAN/GTIN identifier, provide one of the following values in the "EAN" field, depending on country:

  • US: "does not apply"
  • Canada: "does not apply"
  • UK: "does not apply"
  • Germany: "nicht zutreffend"
  • Australia: "does not apply"
  • France: "non applicable"
  • eBayMotors: "does not apply"
  • Italy: "non applicabile"
  • Netherlands: "niet van toepassing"
  • Spain: "no aplicable"
  • India: "does not apply"
  • HongKong: "不适用"
  • Singapore: "does not apply"
  • Malaysia: "does not apply"
  • Philippines: "does not apply"
  • CanadaFrench: "non applicable"
  • Poland: "nie dotyczy"
  • Belgium_Dutch: "niet van toepassing"
  • Belgium_French: "non applicable"
  • Austria: "nicht zutreffend"
  • Switzerland: "nicht zutreffend"
  • Ireland: "does not apply"

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