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The "Description" field is limited to 500,000 characters and allows HTML.
This is where you can integrate your template to customize your product page. Read our instructions here.
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The "SubTitle" field may be used in addition to the title. It provides more keywords when buyers search in titles and descriptions.
 Warning: Any value entered in the SubTitle field will incur an invoicing by eBay, as there is a fee to use this eBay feature.

Get compliant with anti-waste law (AGEC)

eBay provides new attributes to make you compliant with the AGEC law. They can be found in Lengow for the relevant categories on the eBay FR channel: 

  • Producer product ID
  • Product package ID
  • Shipment package ID
  • Product documentation ID
  • Eco participation fee value
  • Eco participation fee currency

The necessary information can also be entered in your eBay back office.
For more information, please visit the channel's dedicated page.


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