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It is mandatory to send eBay at least one image per product to ensure its display.

Image requirements: 

  • Minimal size authorized is 500 pixels.
  • Minimal recommended size is 1600 pixels.

Note: eBay recommends using Pixelz to make your images conform to marketplace standards (remove borders, text, and other artwork on your images).

A maximum of 12 images per product variation is allowed (minimum one image for the parent product).

Best practices for creating images

To create the most effective images, keep the following in mind:

  • Images should be taken against a solid background.
  • Images should have neutral backdrops to keep the focus on the item.
  • Images should be evenly lighted so the image shows as many details as possible.
  • Do not scale up image sizes and do not add thumbnails to your images because these practices can affect the clarity of your images when presented on eBay.
  • Images should not include additional styling besides what is needed to show the product itself. Don't add borders or frames to your images.

More info on eBay documentation.


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