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1. Setting your business policies in eBay (recommended)

Using eBay's business policies, you may create your own shipping, return and payment policies directly in eBay's backoffice. This is the method recommended by eBay.

To apply these policies to your products in Lengow, enter the corresponding policy IDs in the following attributes in Lengow:

  • "fulfillment_policy" (for shipping settings)
  • "return_policy"
  • "payment_policy"

Where to find your policy ID?

  • The policy ID is visible in the policy page's URL in your eBay backoffice (see screenshot: the ID is the number in the red box).


2. or: Using the shipping fields in Lengow (not recommended)

How to use the shipping fields in Lengow (not recommended)

The below shipping attributes will be discontinued by eBay in the future, as the use of business policies is recommended.

You may fill in up to 9 delivery methods for eBay in Lengow:

  • 4 domestic delivery methods
  • 5 international delivery methods

To set up domestic shipping, please fill in the following fields:

You can offer free shipping for the first delivery cost only ("ShippingServiceCost1" attribute). Your product will be refused if you offer a second free shipping.

To set up international shipping, fill in the following fields:

  • "DispatchTimeMax"
  • "InternationalShipToLocation"
  • "InternationalShippingService" (refer to eBay's list of Shipping Service Codes)
  • "InternationalShippingServiceCost"
  • "InternationalShippingServiceAdditionalCost"

Need to exclude a region or country from the location you selected in Lengow? You can do so in your eBay backoffice. 

3. PaymentMethod field (not recommended)

How to use the "PaymentMethod" field (not recommended)

As described in paragraph 1, the use of eBay's business policies is recommended to manage your payment methods directly in eBay's backoffice. 

However, if you don't manage your payment method in your eBay backoffice, filling in the "PaymentMethod" attribute is mandatory.

Please note that if the payment method is set in your eBay backoffice and if you've also completed the "PaymentMethod" field in Lengow, eBay won't take the value sent through Lengow into account.

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