Amazon - Shipping services (Standard, FBA & Prime)

Easily find your way to set up your Amazon Shipping services into Lengow.

Shipping fees and method

It is not possible to submit a fixed amount for shipping fees directly in the Amazon feed.

There are three ways to manage your shipping costs in Lengow.

  • Indicate the weight of your products

Indicate the weight of your products to Amazon. Fill in the attributes "shipping_weight" and "shipping_weight_unit_of_measure". Amazon will calculate the shipping fees automatically according to the weight of your items.

  • Add your shipping fees to your selling prices

You can use functions and/or create rules on Lengow to add your shipping fees to your Amazon selling prices.

  • Fill in the Shipping Overrides attributes

Use the Shipping Overrides fields if you want to make exceptions for your shipping fees per SKU.
Here are the attributes to use for Shipping Overrides [not available in the Flat File version]:

  • ShipOption
  • ShippingAmt
  • ShippingAmt_currency
  • Type
  • IsShippingRestricted
You can for example:
  • add extra charges to those specified in your Amazon Seller Central account.
  • set an exclusive shipping fee that will become the only shipping fee applied to the SKU.
  • define specific shipping zones for your SKUs by activating or deactivating some shipping areas.
In your Amazon Seller Central
You can also configure your shipping fees directly in your Amazon Seller Central account, especially the Free Shipping option.
Once your shipping template is created in your Amazon Seller, enter its name in the "merchant_shipping_group_name" field in Lengow.
For more information, please contact Amazon.

Amazon Fulfillment Service (FBA)

1. FBA settings in Lengow

To indicate that your products are shipped by Amazon (FBA program), use the following attributes:

  • "fulfillment_center_id": enter the value "AMAZON_EU" (for Europe).
  • "quantity": this attribute should be empty as Amazon handles shipments; they do not wish to receive stocks for FBA products.

If some products in your catalog are not part of Amazon's FBA program, we recommend that you set up an automatic rule (example in the screenshot below).


2. Orders with the FBA program

The orders from the FBA program are sent to Lengow directly with the status "Shipped".

If you import these orders into your back-office :

  • using Lengow API: the information can be retrieved through the node "is_delivered_by_marketplace"
  • using one of Lengow's Plugins, into the orders import settings
    • Activate the option to import the orders shipped by marketplaces.
    • Shopify: No action is required on your part. Orders go directly back to your Shopify backoffice with the status "fulfilled" and don't decrease stocks. Look for the custom field "shipped by marketplace" and the value "yes" or "no" in your logs.

If some of your products are not part of the FBA program, use a rule to apply the "AMAZON_EU" (for Europe) value on specific products only.

If you leave the fulfillment_center_id attribut blank, or if you fill in the word "DEFAULT" the products will automatically be converted to "Processed by the seller".
Since 2019, as part of data protection, Amazon does NOT provide the buyer's name and postal address for Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) orders in the United States.
If you use one of the Lengow plugins or the Lengow API, this data will automatically be filled in with the value "Not provided by marketplace".
Information remains available in your Seller Central account for a period of time. Please contact Amazon at any time to retrieve this data.

Amazon Prime Service

This option offers Amazon customers many benefits, especially in terms of speed of delivery.

1. Activate Amazon Prime Service

To enable the Amazon Prime option for your products delivery follow these steps:

Check our dedicated guide on Amazon orders to see how to retrieve Prime orders in Lengow.

2. Amazon Prime delivery labels (M.S.S)

To buy your Amazon Prime shipping labels on Amazon you must initially take the following actions in your Seller Central

  • Accept delivery methods
  • Enable "Shipped by Seller" API access

Then, you can perform the following actions via the Lengow orders API.

  • Step 1: Call the available delivery methods on an order via the action set_eligible_shipping_methods" when your Prime order is awaiting shipment.

  • Step 2: Save the settings "shipping_service_offer_id" and " shipping_service_id " on the delivery label you want to buy.

Note: If you already know the parameters "shipping_service_offer_id" and "shipping_service_id" of the label you want to buy, it is not necessary to make this call.

  • Step 3: Buy the delivery label. Call the "buy_shipment_label" corresponding to the delivery method selected in the previous step.

This call will return the delivery label in the "documents" parameter of the Lengow Orders API as a URL.

There is no need to do the "ship" action because the order will automatically be set as "shipped" by Amazon following the buy_shipment_label action.

Contact our Support team for more details on the overall purchase of delivery labels procedure. We also advise you to read the Lengow technical documentation on the subject.  

  1. Pay attention to the status of the order. Wait until the order is fully integrated into Lengow before launching your actions. Then check the call log 15 min later to get the shipping_service_id

  2. This feature is not integrated in our plugins (Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, Shopware, Woocommerce)

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