Amazon - Connection settings

Configure options before sending your products catalogue to Amazon.

How to connect your account to Amazon?

  • In the login tab,  click on "connect to Amazon".

connection settings.png

  • Authorise Lengow to retrieve data from Amazon. This access is necessary to display and edit your data.

connection settings 2.png

  • If needed, active features and click on "login".
    Connection is now established with Amazon.

connection settings 3.png

Amazon token renewal

Amazon authentication lasts for one year and has to be renewed manually on Amazon back office.
After one year, the Amazon token expires, and your feed will no longer be connected.

To renew your token, follow these steps:

  • On Lengow, disconnect your Amazon feed
  • On Amazon, disable the connection with Lengow
  • On Lengow, connect again to Amazon (refer to the process described above)

With no action on your part after one year, your products will not be displayed anymore.


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