eBay - Edit / Unpublish a product

Edit a product file 

  • Edit "product data": title, description, etc.
    Data is automatically updated as soon as the products feed is sent out.
  • Edit "offer data": stock, price, etc.
    Data is automatically updated as soon as the offer feed is sent out.

Unpublish an offer

To unpublish an offer on eBay, read our recommendations.

 When you stop advertising a product on eBay, the offer is also deleted from your back office.

Special case: variations

You want to unpublish a single product page which belongs to a set of products declined on two or more types of variation?

It is possible only if the whole set of products pages which includes this products has no error.
If one product variation has an error avoiding it to be displayed, unpublishing another product page from the set will be impossible.


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