eBay - Orders management

You can manage your orders in the Lengow platform. 

 Note that eBay orders are imported by country. It means that you need to add one ebay feed per country in Lengow to get all the orders placed on the different eBay platforms on which you display your products.

Order retrieval frequency

Lengow retrieves new or modified orders on the channel's website:

  • Every 15 minutes
  • Once a day, for new orders made or amended in the last 5 days 

Order processing

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed.

Allow foreign orders

By default Lengow only imports orders related to the country of publication. For a "FR eBay" feed we therefore only include orders from your FR eBay store. 

The "Allow foreign orders" option is a feature you can activate in Lengow that allows you to import all your eBay orders with only one eBay feed in Lengow

Meaning that you can integrate international orders, those coming from your other eBay stores while having a single eBay feed in Lengow. 

If you have multiple eBay feeds, each linked to a different seller store, you don't need to enable this option.

European VAT regulation

If eBay has to collect VAT, the marketplace will send to Lengow information related to VAT (if you are on an FR eBay feed, type will be IOSS or OSS for example).

This information will let you:

  • know whether you have to collect VAT or not for the order 
  • retrieve eBay VAT information , if you need to make a declaration on those orders fo which you are collecting VAT
Information will be provided in Lengow (in orders export), through Lengow plugin as a JSON text field as well as via Lengow API.

About collecting VAT in Europe.

Statuses of eBay orders

Here is the list of eBay statuses corresponding to orders statuses in Lengow:

1. New order

  • "New": at this stage, order is awaiting payment confirmation by eBay.

Note: it is not possible to accept eBay orders. As soon as payment is confirmed by eBay, status automatically becomes "Waiting for shipment".

2. Waiting shipment

  • "ToShip": order is waiting for shipment.

    During this status, you can confirm the shipment of the order and enter the carrier and the parcel tracking number/URL. You may even specify the product line.

    During this status, you can also cancel the order. You have to specify the reason.  

3. Shipped

  • "Completed": "sent". Order has been sent and shipment is in progress.

    During this status, you can cancel the order. You have to specify the reason.    

4. Cancelled

  • "Cancelled": order cancelled by merchant or customer.
5. To_pickup
  • "ReadyToPickup": order is available to be picked up

    During this status, you may cancel the pick upSpecify a reason.  
    During this status, you may declare the pick up is complete
6. Pickup_canceled
Pick up has been canceled. The eBay status may specify the reason:
  • "PickupCancelled"
  • "PickupCancelledBuyerNoShow"
  • "PickupCancelledBuyerRejected"
  • "PickupCancelledOutOfStock"
7. Pickup_completed
  • "Pickedup": order has been picked up

    During this status, you may refund the pick up order. Specify a comment, the refund id, the refund quantity, the refund mode.
8. Pickup_to_prepare
  • "PendingMerchantConfirmation": Order is not ready to be sent.

    During this status, you have to confirm the pick up is ready. Specify a comment and the pick up id.

    During this status, you may also cancel the pick up. Specify a reason.

For the client's phone number to be retrieved by Lengow, an option must be activated in eBay's back office.

It is possible to cancel an eBay order from Lengow. Go to the "settings" page of your eBay feeds and click on the "New eBay authentication" option to activate it.

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